Padilla with Confidence

a CrImmigration Defenders Master Class

Tuesday, November 17, 2020


Intensive, full-day program (6 hour CLE)

1 Day Virtual Master Class

4 weekly group training calls w/ Jessica

After the workshop to continue to build the necessary skills and confidence for full Padilla representation

CrImmigration Defenders Community!

You’ll gain exclusive access to our “member’s only” CrImmigration Defenders Group – the ONLY online community exclusively for CrImmigration Defenders

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Very limited seats are available!

Why do you want to be part of this Master Class?

Let go of the fear or intimidation associated with Immigration

Build a foundation of confidence and knowledge re: Padilla

Be amongst a community of Defenders who are in the same boat

You don’t have to know anything about Padilla to get a TON of value from this Master Class

It’s jam-packed with practical, tangible teachings and pro-tips to apply in the field today

Jessica Stern

Experience positive changes in your practice, as part of our Community

No more feeling like a novice on CrImmigration!

After this Master Class, you will be able to put together all of the steps of the Padilla analysis and know how to properly advise your non-U.S. citizen client of any clear deportation risk.

You may recognize a strong desire to become a CrImmigration subject-matter expert and/or confidently take on more clients

Have more happy clients who appreciate your hard work!

What are some failures we will help you avoid?

You won’t be left to figure this out on your own

You won’t need to spend time or $$$ to involve an immigration lawyer every time you have a question.

Avoid unhappy, confused clients and unknowing deportation risks

Prevent embarrassing claims of ineffective assistance of counsel (IAC)

Jessica with a crimmigration client
Jessica Stern Crimmigration Attorney

We are a Community of true Defenders-for-all! Are you with us?

You may recognize a strong desire to become a CrImmigration subject-matter expert, expand your career, develop your niche

You want to confidently take on more clients – represent non- U.S. citizens knowing that you have the knowledge, standing on your own.

You are true, well-rounded, zealous Defender for all people, regardless of nationality or birthplace.

Reserve Your Seat Now

Very limited seats are available!

Meet Jessica Stern

Jessica Stern is a courtroom lawyer and expert CrImmigration advisor. Blending years of experience as a public defender and an attorney with a well-respected federal criminal defense firm, Jessica founded STERN Law, LLC in 2013. Built exclusively to protect non-U.S. citizens, STERN Law is the first 100% CrImmigration law firm in the nation.

Jessica and her carefully-selected team focus completely on the defense of non-U.S. citizens throughout an entire criminal case with protection from deportation consequences, fight against deportation in Immigration Court, and diligently pursue lawful status through applications for immigration benefits nationwide.

Jessica has trained and counseled criminal defense attorneys across the country, through over 30 seminars and publications on the Padilla Consequences Analysis. She is committed to the innovative improvement of Padilla training for defenders and others in the criminal justice system, 10 years post-Padilla vs. Kentucky and beyond!


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